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Happy Thanksgiving (Take a Shovel and Scraper)

By RD Heldenfels Published: November 23, 2005

I doubt this is my last Wednesday post, but I thought I would go ahead and send along the holiday greetings. It already feels like a long day.

I went into the office early this morning to finish up some things so I could take care of some pre-Thanksgiving errands. Naturally, things were so slick, I couldn't get up the outdoor ramp to my parking area (the top, uncovered area of the deck). After three tries, I just pulled into a space and went inside; found out later whom to call about the slick ramp, got it taken care of and was able to move to my usual spot.

Before and during that, I wrote a column for Monday, a short piece for the cover of Channels, a recap of coming TV shows on DVD, and goofed around some. My office is like a lot of places -- people are scrambling to get things done before a holiday, but they're also feeling good because an extra day or two off is around the corner. Those good feelings remind me how much I like the people I work with, and how hard they work. A couple of them had planned for this to be a day off, and were in the office finishing things anyway.

I managed to get my business done by about midday and then headed off on errands, starting with a pie pickup at Hartville Kitchen. Amazing to see the stacks and rows of pies, all ordered in advance, and the crowd of people waiting to get theirs. The best thing about it, of course, will be eating pie tomorrow.

Then there was a run to the storage facility for Christmas decorations, so they can start getting spread around on the weekend. Haircut. Quick trip to my son's workplace, to pick up his weekend schedule. Putting the final touch on the new storm door: the extender along the bottom. Snow off and on through all of it.

You begin to see why the day has felt long?

After those chores were done, I did manage to sneak in some relaxation. Watched Tuesday's ''My Name Is Earl'' (not their best) and ''The Office'' (ditto). Finally sat down with last weekend's telecast of ''Subterranean'' on MTV2, which I had recorded because the Black Keys were guests. Hilarious guys, playing the show-biz naifs, forcing the host to work a lot harder than he probably expected.

More TV tonight, I expect. Also more preparing for the holiday. So here's hoping yours will be good, whether or not it includes TV.

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