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HeldenFiles Live! and Other Notes

By admin Published: January 26, 2010

In this week's video: Mose Allison (just because), "Watch What Happens" shot glasses, "The Bachelor," "American Idol," the movie "Big Fan."

I mention my impatience with "American Idol" up to this point, and then saw Tuesday, which offered minor improvement in the form of guest judges Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry. I thought Lavigne, who started performing young and who has seen her own marriage crumble, was genuine in her concerns about what a musical life on the road can do to a family. And Katy Perry offered some hilarious observations, notably when she turned on Kara about moving on a singer with a touching story but limited vocal ability: "This is not a Lifetime movie, sweetheart." But I also liked her nervousness at times, and her asking if the contestants were frisked before facing the judges. Still haven't had a goosebumps-inducing singer, but there was at least some amusement in the hour.

Caught up with Monday's "House" and am wondering if there's a chance of a guest-star Emmy for Beau Garrett, who played the psychopath Laurie in the episode. Those guest-star prizes seem to go most often to show-biz warhorses stunt-cast to elevate shows. But Garrett gave a terrific performance, turning emotionally (and unemotionally) on a dime, giving Olivia Wilde (Thirteen) something to play against, and helping what was otherwise a so-so episode. I'm not all that interested in the romantic lines, and never could get entirely into the House-making-amends subplot. As for Garrett, that was a breakthrough; I see nothing else on her IMDB resume that would make me expect this kind of work.

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