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"Heroes" Chapter 2: "Lizards"

By admin Published: October 1, 2007

A few words about tonight's telecast, after the jump ...

I like that Claire's mom is becoming a full partner in her family's activities. Several times in the first season, there was a hint that she was smarter than she let on, and now that she's keeping her memories, we're getting to see that she is a good thinker -- and that she's even more valuable as a wife and mom. I did look at the family's house, though, and wonder how anyone would think they're making payments for it on a copy-company worker's salary.

We all could have expected Hiro to become his hero, since there have been enough doggone photos of him in the costume. Still, it was executed relatively well, particularly in his look before opting out of the kiss.

And I do like the way the Heroes appear to be taking the fight to the Company -- at least, Claire's dad, Suresh and now the Haitian are. (As for going to Haiti to deal with the virus, it extends the metaphor I mentioned last week -- since Haiti is one of the countries hardest hit by AIDS.) Funny thing, though, the bride was wondering what had happened to the Haitian -- just before we saw him. And there are still so many characters we haven't seen outside the promos.

All that adds up to my being interested in tonight's "Heroes," but not knocked out by it. The Ireland/Peter's-amnesia story is especially weak, and those accents aren't getting any better. The Latino storyline is just not working for me. And toe-cutting: Yuk.

Anyone out there want to discuss?

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