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"Heroes": Episodes 18-23 (First-Season Finale)

By admin Published: August 22, 2007

DVD completed, enthusiasm diminished ...

not that I have given up entirely on the series. But when Nathan flies in to save the day, it was just silly. Ditto with the blood trail to the manhole. And overall, the season ender felt flat, caught up in the need to offer some kind of wind-up while leaving enough doors open for a second season. And it just felt like too many doors ;eft open -- especially when you consider some of the things that were closed: deaths of Thompson and Linderman, finally settling that Mr. Bennet (can't think of him as Noah yet) is a good guy.

And that second-season tease was cute, but felt too "Quantum Leap."

But I'm focusing on the season finale when these notes are supposed to cover six episodes. Shows you how much impact a finale can have on your overall impression. But, truth be told, it staggered rather often near the end. Hiro's struggle to become a killer felt too drawn out (although I did like the scene where he and his father practice combat). And I never warmed to Niki or to Peter, the latter because, as I've said, Milo V doesn't seem to have many acting movies.

On the other hand, there was "Five Years Gone," a little too complicated for its own good, but still intriguing, especially when it involved Future Hiro. And I did wonder if Cristine Rose (as Peter and Nathan's mom) had studied Angela Lansbury in "The Manchurian Candidate," even if she and Adrian Pasdar had watched it together. And was that much more disappointed in the finale because it cut against what those two had played before.

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