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"Heroes": "Kindred"

By admin Published: October 8, 2007

Kind of a blah episode, with blah spoilers after the jump ...

Felt a lot like a place holder tonight, but that may be because so few of the stories are interesting to me right now. Peter in Ireland, feh. Funny about the tattoo, though; just before its dramatic fade-into-ominous-form bit, I had scribbled, "Wouldn't Peter's tattoo heal?" If the least aware of "Heroes" fans can sense something coming -- and I am definitely among those least aware -- then it's probably not all that good.

Was mildly intrigued by the idea that Hiro in the 17th Century was going to end so quickly. And it seemed right, since he had put his hero on a true hero's path. But no, we're rambling along, with Hiro apparently willing to play some variation on Sancho Panza. But here's my question about that: If he's sticking around, won't he get another opportunity to add notes to Ando? I guess we shall see.

The Latino heroes continue to be dull spots for me, and not just because the use of powers appears to require runny mascara.

Niki raised some interesting questions. But the Nichelle Nichols reveal should have led to something in this episode. (And is it just me, or does anyone else sense she'll be doing something with Micah reminiscent of Scatman Crothers and the kid in "The Shining"?)

We've known that Claire and the Amazing Flying Boy would reach an understanding eventually, but this meeting of kindred souls was pretty flat. Not to mention the ease with which they can apparently leave classes -- and ditch school entirely. The chemistry twixt Claire and AFB sparked too quickly and, again for those of us sitting in the Obvious Seats, you knew that Claire's father was the mysterious figure in AFB's life before he described him.

Which I guess leaves us Sylar, who probably had the best stuff in tonight's episode, especially this whole issue of how he'll get his powers back. I'm thinking it's just that his body is too weak to handle power absorption right now but, again, I sit in the Obvious Seats. And even Sylar's return would have been a lot more fun if we hadn't seen a bazillion or so promos that had him coming back.

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