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"Heroes" Monday

By admin Published: November 20, 2007

Goodness, gracious, great episode.

Regular readers here know that I have seen a lot of missteps in the second season of "Heroes." Monday's telecast was not one of them. It may, in fact, be the best episode of the season ...

Took a long time getting to it, though. The season to date has had too many characters (Kristen Bell, yay, Latino heroes, boo), too many digressions (Peter in Ireland, Hiro in 1671 Japan), too slow a pace.

The episode a week ago was supposed to be a rebound, since it finally explained some of the things that have been going on. Not a perfect rebound, though; to have to spend that much time on explanation in one episode is to admit that you haven't told the story very well up to that point. And Tim Kring conceded that and other points in an Entertainment Weekly interview.

But last night, whew. A story focused on key characters that we have a long relationship with. A powerful emotional element driven by an array of parent-child stories and allusions (HRG/Claire, Bob/Elle, Mr. Nakamura/Hiro, Mama Petrelli, Parkman's father issues). It moved, and it went somewhere.

Now, not for a moment did I believe HRG was dead and gone. (If nothing else, "Heroes" believes in the "Princess Bride" concept of "mostly dead," and the time travel also lets anyone reappear at any time.) So the resurrection scene, though nicely done technically, wasn't as powerful as it might have been. And there was no surprise in seeing that Adam/Kensei was Mr. Nakamura's killer. But there's a certain comfort in actually knowing some things -- and being proven right -- since that indicates a show is staying logical. And I liked the offhanded explanation of why Adam hasn't aged.

Now, I'm still feeling the rush of the show, since I watched most of it this morning, so I suspect some plot points will begin to nag at me as time goes on. For instance, why did Suresh believe he had to shoot HRG? He knew enough about Bob at that point to reasonably suspect that Bob was a bad guy. But where "Heroes" seems to be telling the audience who is good and who is bad, it is still operating in a system where some of the characters, including Suresh, have no way of being absolutely sure.

And I was dazzled.

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