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"Heroes" Parts 15-17: Some Roller Coaster

By admin Published: August 21, 2007

Tonight we got through three more episodes: "Run," "Unexpected" and "Company Man." At first I thought we had hit a slump ...

since we were anticipating more plot turns (such as Jessica's next target being Nathan), even lines of dialogue. On the other hand, I keep waiting for it to turn out that Mrs. Bennet, under all that memory-scrambling, has a power of her own and so far that hasn't happened.

Then there were the variations on what Roger Ebert has called the idiot plot ("Any plot containing problems which would be solved instantly if all of the characters were not idiots."); the whole Mohinder/Sylar teaming up pushed Mohinder's naivete beyond reason, and Ted's revving up to real explosiveness seemed overlong for a guy who can create fireballs out of his hand in a blink. (But, having seen that Claire's biological mother also does fireballs, I'm curious about still more interconnections of the Heroes.)

That said, I enjoyed the revelation that Nathan is Claire's bio-dad, and that Hiro's father appears to be running the whole Hero-monitoring program. Since we've seen that Mr. Bennet has hidden Claire's "manifesting," are we to assume that Hiro's father is also hiding his son's potential, or were there no signs before Hiro manifested?

And even if "Company Man" went for big drama, it still felt like one of those cost-saving episodes that shows have to balance out big expense on other episodes -- confining most of the action to the Bennet house, and to a few handful of key characters.

I am having fun with all this, though. One great comfort: Unlike "Lost," "Heroes" moves its stories and revelations along. Sure, there are twists, like Mr. Bennet's proving to be a better guy than he at first seemed. But there's also a sense that the story is moving forward and that what we know is, well, what we know.

Had we not planned to watch "The Closer" last night, we probably would have pushed through at least one more "Heroes." And, since I'm already suffering at the thought that we'll be done with the first season in a few days, it's at least a good thing that we started watching this late -- because the gap before the second season begins won't be as long as it would have been if we had followed along during the regular season.

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