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"Heroes": Truth & Consequences

By admin Published: November 26, 2007

After a spectacular episode a week ago, this one was a letdown ...

I know that in a lot of ways this was an episode for moving the pieces around the board, getting everything in place for the Big One next week. But the piece-moving felt especially clumsy, with a lot of idiotic behavior.

Peter can't figure out Adam's bad intentions, especially with the death of Victoria Pratt? (And I do hope we have not seen the last of Joanna Cassidy.) Sylar and Maya can get smoochy just outside a room where Maya's brother is bleeding out, and Maya senses nothing? And what's the deal with Monica's power -- does she lose one ability when she adds another, or simply lose what she has learned? Otherwise, how to explain the sudden absence of the butt-kicking abilities she had previously? (And it seemed considerable enough that she wouldn't have a problem with guns.)

Besides the storytelling, both Milo Ventimiglia (as Peter) and Hayden Panettiere (as Claire) gave especially bad performances in tonight's telecast. Ventimiglia was too locked into his hit-by-a-two-by-four scowl, and Panettiere's melodramatic portrayal of grief felt artificial.

I'm hoping, as I said, that the episode felt off because it was just putting things in place at last. And everyone's path leads to Odessa. But all those paths in the first season led to New York, and the payoff was still less than successful. I'm already imagining a faceoff akin to the climax of "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly," the camera moving from Eastwood to Wallace to Van Cleef and back again, as we wait for something big to happen.

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