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"HIMYM": The Underwear Radius and Other Gems

By admin Published: September 30, 2008


I caught up with "How I Met Your Mother" and "Two and a Half Men" this morning, as I once again realized I am agonizingly behind on my viewing -- and there is more and more coming down the pike. "Dancing With the Stars" alone is killing me with those two-hour telecasts -- and the lack of a really great couple right now --just some good ones, including Lance Bass, and we know how much Len hates him.

But at least "Men" was OK and "HIMYM" was one of the best overall episodes of the show. What riches: the hamburger search, Barney's hyping the new bank (and the reason why he was doing it), Marshall telling stories, Robin getting ever more hungry, a funny and not overdone bit by Regis Philbin, and, of course, the underwear radius. (For those of you tuning in late, that deals with where someone will go without pants. Go over to and see the whole episode.) If they could have figured out a way to get a Robin Sparkles video in there, it would have been perfect. But it was close enough.

By the way, the adoration of New York City in last night's show is even more interesting when you look at the teaser for next week: "After inviting the gang to Stella's apartment in New Jersey, Ted tries to sell them on the perks of living in the suburbs until he learns that she expects him to move there after they're married."

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