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Hot Fun in the Summertime

By admin Published: June 15, 2008

Today the bride and I saw a trio of dolphins, a horseshoe crab the size of a Buick, more gnats than should be allowed in one place, a young rabbit, sundry seagulls and tiny sand crabs. We worried about a smoke warning and soaked up sun, ate fine hush puppies (with chicken and crabcakes) and made a mental list of all the miniature-golf courses in the vicinity. ...

I am not, in other words, in Ohio. We have taken some vacation time in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, a spot we love, and where we saw all the wildlife listed above. Also saw a wedding on the beach Saturday evening, not long after our arrival. And endured unspeakable lines at a local grocery store on Saturday, when we were among what seemed like hundreds of people stocking up. Many of them from Ohio, by the way. So far we have crossed paths with folks from Mayfield Heights and Wooster and Cleveland, and I'm not even counting the guy in a Cavaliers T-shirt. The Cavs these days are universal, after all.

So does this mean a blogging hiatus? Not necessarily, since we're never far from TV, there's a movie theater out here and we brought a stock of DVDs in case the weather turns nasty or a night seems dull. Today we managed to see a good bit of the U.S. Open, interrupting the agony of Tiger Woods for a walk on the beach, yet returning in time to see his tying putt. Celtics-Lakers is on at the moment, and the bride is thinking about watching "Army Wives" later. (If not, we set the recorder for it at home.)

But I will also be spending a lot of time seeing how well 45 Sunblock really works, and we both brought piles of books, and the mp3 is well loaded, including with stuff suitable for the location and the season. The Showmen. Bill Deal and the Rhondels. Tams. Bob Kuban and the In Men. That's all stuff that makes me think of my young years in Virginia. "Summer" by War. "Summer Days" by Bob Dylan. Velvets, "Who Loves the Sun." Bunch of Led Zeppelin, because that always feels like music that makes you sweat.

So, before I go, here's a little bit of the Showmen, with a song that will always be in my head. If you're not from Virginia/North Carolina, it may not ring a bell. But I remember crossing my college campus in the Northeast one day and stopping in my tracks because someone was playing this song. ...

Happy days, y'all.

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