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How Did I Forget "Major League"? (And Forget That I Had Remembered It?)

By admin Published: April 5, 2007

Not long ago, I had a post about the great sports movies, both someone else's list and some movies I thought should have been included. And somehow, to my great shame, I didn't think about "Major League." Someone else mentioned it in a comment on that post -- but I had even forgotten that when I started this post.

All right, "Major League" was not entirely a great movie. There are some noticeably clunky parts, especially just about everything involving the Tom Berenger-Rene Russo relationship. But it had great parts and, as I've said before, I tend to pause when I come across it on cable. (I also just watched the end again on DVD, more about which in a moment.) And, of course, it's a Northeast Ohio touchstone.

So what made me think of it again? Well, I was sitting down with my DVD pile for next week and there was "Major League: Wild Thing Edition," a new release of the movie. It's a little late for the start of the season but hey, that's the kind of screwup you might expect from the Indians. (They lost their game today in the bottom of the ninth when the pitcher hit a batter with the bases loaded.)

Nice extras, too, including current Indian players (as well as broadcasters Tom Hamilton and Rick Manning) talking about the movie and real life, a making-of segment and a deleted scene that is thankfully deleted. (It softens up the team owner, played with splendid nastiness by Margaret Whitton. Absolutely unnecessary.) But I hate hearing in the audio commentary that so much of it was shot in Milwaukee.

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