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How I Made Shannen Doherty Love Me

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 11, 2006

I've written some harsh things about Shannen Doherty over the years. But she was in very good form today as she talked about ''Breaking Up,'' a show she is doing for Oxygen.

She was smiling, joking, seemingly relaxed (although she later said she fears live audiences). She also showed a sweet vulnerability when talking about her media reputation.

She teared up a little when talking about her bad press, particularly because her family reads it -- and her mother was in the room during the press conference.

As the tears fell, I got the microphone and asked a gentle question about ''Breaking Up.'' The show has Doherty helping people to end bad matches; in a clip, she tells a guy that his girlfriend is dumping him -- and the guy began to make a play for Doherty.

So I asked if, among other things, this was the only one to try that.

''No,'' she said with a grin. And, happy that she was able to get away from the emotional stuff, she suddenly added, ''Thank you. ... I love you. Are you single?''

''No,'' I said. ''And not looking to break up either.''

I should add that I wasn't trying to bail her out of a difficult situation(In fact, I was reminded later that the guy who made her sad is very good at the gentle question, where I'm more commonly cast in the role of grouch.) I just had a question to ask. But she sure seemed to like the way it worked out, and I didn't mind it either. As a colleague said to me afterward: ''Blog gold.''

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