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"How I Met Your Mother"

By admin Published: March 17, 2009

"But, oh, what a wonderful feeling
Just to know that you are near,
Sets my a heart a-reeling
From my toes up to my ears."

-- Bob Dylan, "The Man in Me"

Readers looking for "Dancing With the Stars" notes and other remarks will have to wait a bit. The bride and I went to a screening last night of "Duplicity," a really unenjoyable experience that I have to write a review about later this morning. But that backed up the DVR load. Fortunately -- and thanks to online videos -- I have begun to catch up this morning at the office, starting with last night's tender-hearted "How I Met Your Mother" ...

It was an often funny episode, especially with all the things going on during Robin's morning show while Ted, Lily, Marshall and Barney discussed other issues.

Things to like: Barney's "sleeping cravat." The use of Dylan in the nightshirt dreams (and, I know, I should have caught the "Big Lebowski" reference, but I love that song so much that it drives reason out of my head). And -- can anyone disagree? -- Marshall's distaste for elastic waistbands and their judgmental teethmarks. The sudden veer into "A Few Good Men," used but not overused.

I do have worries about the Ted/Robin near-reconciliation at the end since I am adamant that the producers have to stick to their vow that neither Robin nor any twin of her is going to be the mother. And the pregnancy-hiding with Cobie Smulders and Alyson Hannigan is getting a little distracting (and Robin's pajamas were no real cover). But it does serve as a reminder that a tremendous amount of this show involves people sitting around and talking -- so much of the time a well-placed chair arm or table-top is enough to get by.

But, being in a sentimental mood today, I have to say that the front porch test is a splendid device (and would have liked to see more of Ted's old girlfriends given the test). And I think that the front porch is going to be really nice in my looming old age.

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