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"How I Met Your Mother" Monday

By admin Published: October 14, 2008

The photo, above, may be from the best part of last night's "HIMYM," with Robin not only drunk but in full Canadian hockey love. Other than that, not so great. ...

One of the odder things "HIMYM" does is build clip shows of scenes from the characters' past -- only it creates the clips anew rather than rely on material from previous episodes. While that's a nice way to keep the show semi-fresh, it also means that the flashbacks all have to be high-quality -- tougher when you're writing them than when you can dip into the archive for the best previous stuff. And the new stuff just didn't measure up.

Can we all agree that Ted-and-Stella is doomed? I know, the closing line did not make clear exactly WHO is living upstairs. (Marshall and Lily? Marshall and Lily and Ted? Marshall and Lily and Ted and Robin? Ted and Robin? Robin? Bueller? Bueller?) But it did indicate that by 2009, the gathering of friends will not include Stella. And Ted's panicky decision not to leave the apartment -- though later rescinded -- never addressed the underlying intervention issue: the friends are not convinced that Ted and Stella are a perfect match. While Ted bent on the New Jersey question, the show certainly seems to be setting up a bigger, and probably less cheerful, discussion between Ted and Stella.

But beyond the plot advance, it wasn't a great episode -- aside from Cobie Smulders' deft rendering of the Robin hockey scene, and her offhanded (and correct) declaration of her own relative hotness. And by the high standards of "HIMYM," that's really not much. Maybe it's time for another Robin Sparkles video ...

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