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"How I Met Your Mother": Waste of Space

By admin Published: May 12, 2009

I'm going to try not to talk too long about last nght's "HIMYM," since I have two columns to write at work and am trying to keep up with a couple of FB threads ("Star Trek" and Cavs-vs-Boston-or-Orlando). But the show was aw- -- wait for it -- ...

ful. There are other shows with problems, too, including "Two and a Half Men" which really needs to do something about Charlie's girlfriend in the season finale. Maybe not something involving a killer dummy, but SOMETHING. And I am already going on too long.

But to "HIMYM": "Big fat check" funny. Murder room, sort of funny. Barney's speeding, OK. But Ted and Stella? Total waste. First of all, they had finished with Stella and had no need to bring her back, especially not to give some treacly speech about Ted's true love getting to him as fast as she can. When did the scripts start coming off Hallmark cards?

Second of all, the whole making-amends thing was lame -- all right, except for the murder room. Third, this put Ted in the middle of the episode, never a good place for him to be. It makes me think spin-off -- meaning they spin Ted into his own show and leave the comic field open for Marshall, Barney, Robin and Lily.


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