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How's Your Labor Day Weekend?

By admin Published: September 6, 2010

Ours was taken up with a family visit -- Target Demo and her gentleman friend -- and activities surrounding same.

Braving the Hartville flea market on Saturday -- one of its biggest days of the year, but we got very lucky with parking -- and lunch at Hartville Kitchen. U of Akron football game Saturday evening. Not a thrill; an ugly, ugly loss. And ot remotely a sell-out. To be sure, it was a holiday weekend, so students were away, and no one seriously expected Akron to beat Syracuse. Still, it was the home opener. We'll see how things look next time around, when it's a regular weekend and a supposedly easy opponent.

(On the other hand, the bride and I thrilled with the early start by the Akron soccer team, knocking off two highly ranked ACC opponents on their turf.)

Sunday included a nice walk through the Gorge Metro Park. Excellent weather; we did the relatively short, 1.8-mile walk, and it went very nicely. Plus a lot of kicking back at home, conversing and watching "Date Night," the first installment of "Boardwalk Empire" (which I have seen but liked even better the second time around) and, because why not, "Animal House."
A good, relaxed evening.

Now it's Monday. Spending a little time at the office, and homework tonight. But feeling pretty mellow overall. Hope you are all the same.

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