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"HSM 2" Songs in Spanish

By admin Published: September 14, 2007

Disney Channel adds Spanish-language versions of the songs from "High School Musical 2." Details after the jump ...

Zac and Vanessa

Official announcement here:

Spanish language versions of songs from "High School Musical 2" performed by popular recording artists from Mexico and Spain will be presented as part of Hispanic Heritage Month programming for kids and families, beginning SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 on Disney Channel. The music videos, as seen on Disney Channel Spain and Disney Channels throughout Latin America, will be presented throughout the Disney Channel U.S. programming schedule.

For preschool age viewers, Spanish language versions of songs from hit series
including "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" ("La Casa de Mickey Mouse") and "My Friends
Tigger and Pooh" ("Mis Amigos Tigger y Pooh") will air as interstitials
throughout the month, and two new themed episodes of the popular series "Handy
Manny" and "Johnny and the Sprites" will be presented SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15.

In addition, Spanish language versions of main title theme songs from global hit
series including "Cory in the House" ("Cory en La Casa Blanca") and "The Suite
Life of Zack & Cody" ("Zack y Cody: Gemelos en Acción") will air as
interstitials through October 15.

Introducing the music videos is 15-year-old Mexican-American actress Selena
Gomez of "Wizards of Waverly Place," a comedy series set in a bilingual
Manhattan household, home to a family of five -- including three teens who
happen to be budding wizards. The series premieres FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12 as part of
Hispanic Heritage Month programming highlights.

The "High School Musical 2" songs are performed by: Mexico's Paulina Holguin,
who is joined by Roger Gonzalez for their rendition of "You are the Music in Me"
("Eres La Musica en Mí"), the upbeat song that tells the story of how music
brought Troy and Gabriella together. Their Spanish language music video is
interspersed with scenes from the Disney Channel Original Movie.

Spain's recording artists Mota (Manuel Martos and Álvaro de Azcárate) perform
their version of the song "Eres La Musica en Mí" in the same rockin' style as
the movie's one and only Sharpay. Mota's Spanish music video is also intercut
with scenes from "High School Musical 2."

Mexico's Paulina Holguin is again featured in a music video of "Gotta Go My Own
Way" ("Por Mi Camino Iré''), a love song that marks Gabriella's turning point in
the movie, one where she accepts that the summer plans she and Troy made won't
be working out.

Mota also performs their cover of "All for One" in a music video that features
original choreography filmed in Spain and scenes from the movie's closing

OK, but what's the Spanish for "Don't be photographed naked"?

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