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Hurry... Updated and Expanded

By RD Heldenfels Published: June 22, 2006

... to and watch all of ''Nobody's Watching,'' the best new sitcom you will see this summer -- and probably this fall as well. I'll have more about it later, but for now, go watch.

Here's the backstory, for Roger and the rest of you: The show -- about two guys from Ohio who go to Hollywood to make a sitcom and end up reality-show stars -- was made for The WB a year ago, but the network decided not to pick it up. (Bill Lawrence of ''Scrubs,'' one of the three writers on ''Nobody's Watching,'' said they literally flew to New York for The WB's upfront announcements, only to be told when they got there that the network wasn't picking up the show after all.)

Someone posted the pilot on YouTube. It has had more than 125,000 hits on the site, generated a bunch of comments and -- best news yet -- is getting enough buzz that Lawrence is hoping to pitch the show again.

Of course, it won't be on The WB, which will cease to exist soon, but Lawrence is looking at NBC's recent risk-taking -- ''The Office,'' ''My Name Is Earl'' -- and sensing an opportunity. Once it landed on YouTube, Lawrence admitted that he began working hard to get people to watch.

Our telephone chat today came after an e-mail from a publicist touting ''Nobody's Watching,'' and after a couple of other news reports about it. In fact, one of my colleagues this morning asked me if I had seen ''Nobody's Watching'' yet. The YouTube connection could be a new way to get shows seen, and to gauge viewer interest.

Beyond the industry implications, it's a good show. It plays constantly with the conventions of television, both the sitcom and reality TV. (Lawrence said the suits at The WB worried that it was too complicated for viewers, while the YouTube audience is settling right in.) I laughed a lot. You should, too.

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