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I Don't Like Tuesdays

By RD Heldenfels Published: January 24, 2006

A week ago at this time, I was in my driveway, picking up papers that had spilled out of my briefcase before the rain soaked them beyond recognition. The papers were from a meeting that I had left a little while before. I had taken off from work that day in part to prepare for that meeting. It did not go as I hoped.

You begin to see that my paraphrasing Boomtown Rats is not the result of my watching ''Love Monkey'' right now. (Love that Eric Bogosian.) Or of having done some work at home tonight with ''American Idol'' on next to my computer.

Anyway, one Tuesday does not a rephrased lyric make, so I should explain that today provided more reason. I had a plan for the day, one that involved preparing my mailbag column and planning a story for Sunday and maybe even sneaking in another episode or two of ''Hill Street Blues.'' (How great was Michael Conrad?) Only this is not a business where one can always plan. So there I was when the WB/UPN/CW story came across the wire.

That took care of the rest of the afternoon, what with the quick blog below and a bunch of phone calls, some e-mails, digging into the files and general brain-draining -- as in  what was the name of that short-lived network in the '60s? (Answer: the United Network, also known as the Overmyer Network.)  All of that led to a story that will run tomorrow. And I managed to finish the mailbag. Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to say in a story I have to write by tomorrow morning -- 9 a.m. -- and if I can squeeze in covering a speech in Canton I want to hear.

I don't like...

All right, let me back away a smidge from that. As much as I grumble about stories dropping in my lap this way, I also get charged up when I'm doing them -- jazzed when I get a piece of information I think is really cool, delighted when a call gets returned or an e-mail answered, pleased when the story seems to make sense, and when it's done in timely fashion. Can't help the thrill. It's one of the reasons I keep doing what I do.

Besides, the DVR has ''Idol'' if I want to play catch-up, and ''Love Monkey,'' and I may still have some time for ''Hill Street Blues.''

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