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I Hate Meredith Grey

By RD Heldenfels Published: February 28, 2006

Before you get out your cudgels, let me be clear about one thing: I like ''Grey's Anatomy.'' I am a devoted watcher. My wife is a devoted watcher. I do post-mortems on telecasts with other people, too. Ithink Sandra Oh is terrific, and that Cristina & Burke are a much hotter couple than Izzie &Alex, and that a scene brightens when Chandra Wilson is in it. I marvel at Kate Walsh, whose mere presence demonstrates what a fool McDreamy is. I laugh when the Chief gets exasperated (and delight that Cleveland's James Pickens Jr. is a regular on a hit series), and I get misty over the patients' suffering.

That said, I hate Meredith Grey. I used to just be weary of her. She was, as I indicated in a previous post, the least interesting of the major characters. But now I hate her. I hate her for sleeping with George. I hate her for crying at the worst possible moment with George. When Izzie said she would be on George's side in any Meredith-George division, I almost cheered.

Some of this, to be sure, is a function of Ellen Pompeo's performance, which I find too laid back -- brooding lite. It sometimes seems as if she can't even be bothered to open her eyes in a scene. But it's also due to the way Meredith is written. Yes, other characters on the show have quirks and flaws and irritations (and I'm not talking about what happened to Addison on Sunday night). Burke's love of Cristina shows even more of his tender side, because Cristina is such a pain in the neck and Burke has seemed so intolerant of life disruption. But Meredith's flaws took a deeper, more awful turn in her dealings with George. The audience, like the other characters, knows how George felt about Meredith. She knew, too. Still, she indulged herself in a way that was cruel to the extreme.

I want her friends to abandon her. I want McDreamy to realize at last that his feelings for Meredith are nothing more than infatuation, and that Addison is a much better match. Maybe his attempt to be friends with her -- doomed, it would seem, by their mutual attraction -- will show him what a lousy friend she can be. Even if he's still googly about her, let him moon from afar. Get rid of her. Change the show's name to ''Anatomy.'' I hate her, do you hear? I hate her.

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