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I'm Still Here

By RD Heldenfels Published: September 17, 2006

The other day, a reader took issue with a column I wrote about Meredith Vieira's debut on ''Today.'' (You can find the column in a post below.) Looking for a cutting finale, the reader ended the letter by asking ''have you received your walking papers from the new owners?''

It's a fairly common question to people who work at the Beacon Journal, though not usually so roughly phrased. ''Are you all right?'' is the gentler way of asking. And let me assure one and all that I am all right, although my responsibilities will change a bit, as you can see in this column by Beacon Journal managing editor Mizell Stewart.

I can't tell you exactly what my new job will look like, since we're still figuring that out. As Stewart's column says, I'll be doing TV and movies. I expect to continue both my mailbags and this blog, although the range of material will probably expand in both.

I'll be talking to all of you as I have before, and paying attention to your comments. For example, my recent post about ''Little People, BIg World'' was a direct result of questions I received about the show -- and all the comments posted on my post give me even more reason to pay attention to it

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