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"Idol" Announces Other 19 of Top 24

By admin Published: February 24, 2011

As they announce the names, I'm posting them, after the jump. (The first five were announced on last night's telecast and are in a post below.) The list of tonight's 19 is now complete.

Oh, and don't get too excited about the flying chair in the promos.

Karen Rodriguez. In.
Robbie Rosen. In.
Tatynisa Wilson. In. This one's a little baffling. Some bad vocals.

Then two out, quickly, and without even getting their names onscreen.

Tim Halperin. In. Not that good but Jennifer's a big fan.

And so far, the rejections have been quick and anyone who gets a bunch of screen time is being let through.

Julie Zorrilla. Extensive screen time. And in.

Ryan interviews Basso Profundo (Scotty McCreery) and John Wayne Cowboy Hat (Schulz). Scotty's recap includes nuts of wonder!

Scotty is In.

Schulz, less seen, is out.

Jovany Barreto. Long recap -- and In. Says "no more shipyard for me!" Optimistic.

Lauren Turner. Full recap and In.

Two more quick boots. Again don't get names onscreen.

Rachel Zevita. Ryan says "let's go get Top 24" to the annoying, bizarrely wardrobed Rachel. She says she will feel like a failure if she has to tell her grandma that she didn't make it, and grandma is there. And she's In.

Kendra Chantelle. Recapped. In.

Jordan Dorsey. Recapped: Snooty in Hollywood. In.

Lauren Alaina. Chats with Ryan. Recap. In, although another iffy vocalist.

Stefano Langone. Recap. In. And he's good.

Jackie Wilson (Blonde woman, not soul legend). Recap. Out. First recapper to get kicked out, but we've got 40-some minutes to go and the padding may get extreme.

Jacob Lusk. Has been kicking the doors off repeatedly so far. A little rocky in his last solo. Randy says his "God Bless the Child" is the single best performance on "Idol" ever. So he's In.


Returning after pause to post the "Two and a Half Men" news.

Pia Toscano. Recap, and In.

James Durbin. Even with vocal shrieking that is getting a little tiresome, especially when he's having trouble in other spots, as was evident during his solo tonight -- he is In. Not sure what it means when Ryan says, "We now turn James over to you."

Casey Abrams, reportedly taken to the hospital today, but Randy thinks he's never seen anyone as musically talented as he is. In.

The much promoted flying chair is from Casey's excitement at getting picked, knocking his chair over.

Last two women. Jessica Cunningham and Thia Megia. Jennifer makes much of Jessica being the only rocker in the competition. Randy says they can come back; Jessica notes this is her seventh time. Thia is silent. But Thia stays, Jessica goes -- on her 25th birthday. Double fingers to the show later. Even anticipates bubbles covering them.

Three guys left: Jacee Badeaux, Brett Loewenstern and Colton Dixon. Ryan says there's one spot. Bret disagrees. Ryan stands firm. Jacee's solo is not great, makes me think he should come back in a year or two. Bret also rocky, and on an original song that doesn't do much. Colton creeps me some, but his solo is the best of the three.

Brett is In, the others out.

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