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''Idol'': Chickened Out (With Podcast Info)

By RD Heldenfels Published: March 22, 2006

Here's the info on the post-''Idol'' podcast with Amy Gustafson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

And here are my notes from after the results show:

Well, the attempt to persuade America that Kevin ''Chicken Little'' Covais is cute as a button has finally ended -- and, given that ''Love Machine'' shirt in the automobile commercial, not a moment too soon. While he wasn't the worst performer this week -- unless you're among those backing -- he was becoming the most annoying. And contestants who mouth off to Simon, as Kevin did last week, usually pay a price. The ''Idol'' audience loves many things, but as a rule it very much dislikes arrogance.

Also in the bottom three: Bucky and Lisa, and I would not have been surprised to see either of them go. In fact, talking to a colleague earlier today, we both figured Lisa was a likely goner, since her performances are unremarkable and she hasn't been given the personality build-up accorded Kevin or -- akk, yuk -- Kellie. (Could someone please buy that woman a dictionary? I know she would need someone to read it aloud to her. Still, it would spare us the repeated challenges to her limited vocabulary.)

BTW, while I am not a fanilow, the singers could have taken some lessons from Mr. Barry's performance. He knows old-school singing, including breath control, and I've seen a lot of ''Idol'' contestants run out of steam during fairly short, old-fashioned songs. The show has encouraged so much belting over the years that the singers come in like young George Foreman, ready to slay the enemy -- but lacking the endurance for a long bout.

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