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''Idol'': Mandisa Bottoms Out (With Podcast Info)

By RD Heldenfels Published: April 5, 2006

You can get the latest podcast at:

And here are my notes after last night's telecast:

I've mentioned my longing for a Chris/Mandisa final on ''Idol.'' But, in a post after the performance show a week ago, I wrote of Mandisa that ''I also wonder if the show is starting to maneuver her elimination -- unflattering outfit (with camera shots from the back making that more evident) and no consistent enthusiasm from the judges.''

While she wasn't good this week, I am blaming her elimination on bad presentation by the show as much as on any limitations in her performance.

This is one of those results shows that ''Idol'' needed to keep people coming back -- since the performances have been uninspired for a couple of weeks in a row, and next week's theme, the music of Queen, could provide some shockingly bad moments.

Anyway, tonight the show went back to that groups-of-three bit, with one including Taylor, Kellie and Chris, a second wth Ace, Katharine and Bucky and a third of Mandisa, Paris and Elliott. Never thought the bottom-three group would be Taylor/Kellie/Chris, especially after seeing this week's car-commercial-video (''Just One Look''), where Kellie was the one glammed up.

I leaned toward Ace/Katharine/Bucky as the lowest vote-getters, and was shocked that it turned out to be Mandisa/Paris/Elliott -- none of whom, Ryan noted, had been in the bottom three before. I am already wondering what this bodes for the prospects of getting a good top five on this show -- whether voting patterns are going to once again leave mediocrities in the mix.

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