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"Idol" Night One, Post 2

By admin Published: January 17, 2007

Still in Minneapolis. Now we're getting into the wacky costumes. Famous dead fictional fighter Apollo Creed, with music by famous dead real-life James Brown. Singing ''an aria song'' in Italian. Paula wants something, dare we say it, ethnic? And, getting it, remains unimpressed -- or, as she describes it, ''confused.'' Lot of that in Paula's life.

Auditioner with sad personal story. And sunglasses. Dong ''And I Am Telling You.'' Brave. And crazy. She's not making me forget Jennifer Holliday, or Jennifer Hudson, but she's the closest we've gotten to not horrible. She gets the Hollywood call -- and I'm guessing we will hear a lot more of her personal story. Note made: Denise Jackson, 16, Madison, Wis., 34 minutes into the telecast.

And back to the baddies ... forgetting words, messing up. I know more words to ''Kiss'' than this sad sack. But they won't put her out of her misery (or ours). I will have to get out a Prince CD later to purge my memory bank.

Quite a recurring bit made out of people trying the wrong door.

Another touching story. Homeless and in a car. Hey, it's Jewel! Nope, she's judging. This one calls Simon ''Simone'' even though her English is fine and the accent comes and goes. Not terrible, though. And she and Jewel can compare cars. Paula is going ethnic in her judging again! Still, to Hollywood goes Perla Meneses, 25, Margate, Fla.

Back from a break. Ryan tells us the men aren't doing well while women are getting the Hollywood trip. Enter a singer who gets Johnny Cash spinning in his grave. You know the line about being all hat, no cattle? This guy doesn't even have a good hat.

Navy guy Jarrod Fowler, 27, from Arizona . He knows how to wear his hat. Had a version of ''Idol'' on his ship. Singing that Rascal Flatts song I sort of like. But not the way he sings it. But they're going to let him pass -- although Jewel is not cutting him a lot of slack. Bless her heart.

Well, we're rounding the curve into the second hour and I'm moving on to another post.

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