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"Idol" Night One. Post 4

By admin Published: January 17, 2007

Rachel Jenkins, auto mechanic, married to a soldier in Iraq, a reservist herself. Pass her through unheard!

Nope, must sing. ''His Eye Is On the Sparrow.'' Little rough. No, pretty rough. The judges, who know the whole military story, are forgiving. Hello, Hollywood.

Question: If her name is Jenkins, why does her uniform say Seward?

Next up: A very good ''Over the Rainbow'' from Sarah Krueger, 19, Eau Claire, Wis. Although I am thinking that anyone performing that ''Idol'' standard should be asked to sing something else. But the judges are forgiving. More Hollywood.

Minneapolis is ending up getting the entire two hours, though not two hours loaded with entertainment. Some kid who can't sing with props. Well, I'm sure he couldn't sing without props either, but he's using them anyway for a juggling act. Did he think that by distracting the judges' eyes, their ears wouldn't hear him? Randy suggest he go to ''America's Got Talent.''

And ... then we get a bleep-fest suitable for replays on many future highlight shows. ''Juggling,'' he says, ''is just my entertainment. It's not my life.''

Eccentric look, heart from Ace Young, ''Under Pressure.'' And, once again, we are reminded that someone competent didn't get to the judges just so we could feel their pain from this performance. Jewel consoles her in the way you tell a crying 5-year-old that she can have a cookie.

Heading down the stretch. At this point, I should pay tribute to the bride, an ''Idol'' fan but not fond of the audition shows, for sitting patiently through tonight's telecast. Especially as we go into a clearly contrived collection of covers of ''Kiss.''

This must be the end. Would-be Daughtry essays ''Bad Day'' by Fuel. Randy doesn't have the energy for invective. Simon does. ''Week 7, it's Abba week. What do you do?'' Kid gets 15 minutes to learn an ABBA song. Does he have any idea that the come-back-later ploy is designed to end badly for the contestant?

''Dancing Queen.'' It does not go well. Four no votes. More tears. They cry a lot in Minneapolis.

Teaser for tomorrow's show. promising a lot of wackiness. In fact, showing us a lot of the wackiness, so there may not be a lot left for the show itself.

Roll credits. Back tomorrow.

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