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"Idol" Performance Show

By admin Published: May 22, 2007

Notes apres le jump ...

Not sure that anything tonight is going to change the outcome. Blake's done "You Give Love a Bad Name" again, Jordin's amped up some Christina and Blake has responded with Maroon 5 (and still has trouble with the high parts). Judges' reactions are at times mixed, although they're trying to create a performer/singer dichotomy, with Blake the performer and Jordin the singer, and both getting some mega-kudos. After all, the folks making the show are going to want to market both Jordin and Blake regardless of who wins, so the commentary gets a little blah. But both Blake and Jordin are really fighting for the win.

Jordin's back with "Broken Wing." Seems that Blake is mobilizing his base, while Jordin's trying to stretch her appeal as wide as possible.

Songwriting-winner song. As my friend Alan Sepinwall has pointed out, the championship songs are always in a way about winning "Idol" ("A Moment Like This," "Do I Make You Proud") and this is right in that vein. "This is my now," "I can't believe the love I see," and all that. Blake's having a lot of trouble with the big-chorus parts; this feels more like a Jordin song. And Randy immediately says it's not the kind of song that suit's Blake's voice. Simon gives him a pass, saying Blake should be judged on the first two performances.

Jordin, having won a coin flip, closes with "This Is All About Me." I mean, "This Is My Now." Regardless of who wins, this is her song, although she has some screech issues. And tears up again. But if Blake wins, they should make his version a B side of the single. Randy, reprising the canard that this is a singing competition, says Jordin is the best singer of the night. Paula's choking up. Simon says he didn't think she was good enough to make the finals last week, and that he was wrong. And again brings up the singing competition -- claiming Jordin wiped out Blake.

Highlights medley: the three Blakes, each declining in quality from the previous, then three Jordins, arranged to give her a great closing shot. Randy says Jordin won the night, Paula won't pick as usual Simon says Blake on "You Give Love" was the best individual perf of the night, but Jordin was overall the best.

Daughtry closes out the show, backed by clips from the season; show runs overtime so they don't get cut off too soon. Credits. Have fun voting.

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