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''Idol'' Results

By RD Heldenfels Published: May 10, 2006

Tonight's podcast:

Tonight's notes:

I've said more than once that I don't like making predictions, and that I make wrong ones. Still, I stuck my neck out in a podcast and on my blog last night said that '' it feels like Elliott's time to go -- although an uneasy little corner of my mind says that Chris may have put himself in jeopardy, too.''

So I was distressed today to see that smarter ''Idol'' watchers than I -- among them Alan Sepinwall and Daniel Fienberg -- were figuring that Katharine was on her way out, and had Katharine and Chris as the bottom two, although it had Chris in last place. And, at the beginning of tonight's show, while the three guys were relaxed and smiling, Katharine looked as if she was bracing for a teary farewell.

Now we know: Chris and Kat were the bottom two, and Chris has gone home. Kudos to, for nailing not only Katharine and Chris, but Taylor and Elliott as the top two. As for me, if I was any good at making predictions, I'd hire myself out as a seer; I'm happy to go back to expressing my solitary opinions about likes and dislikes.

In the results show, was it an omen that Chris got relatively little face time during the Elvis medley? By my estimate, Taylor had two solos -- and was brought back afterward for that utterly bogus bit where Rebecca Romijn asked for ''Jailhouse Rock'' -- and Elliott led off the sequence and Katharine got two solos as well as the ''Go, Kat, Go!'' showcase.

Chris, meanwhile, had his ''Love Me Tender'' solo, but that was after all the other three had one, and it was far from climactic. Pretty remarkable considering how much Chris was showcased in the group sing a week ago.

What else? Car video, more scenes from Graceland, celebrities in the audience, recap of nutty comments from the judges. And goodbye to Chris, who looked as if he could dominate this thing many weeks, only to stumble when victory was in sight.

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