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"Idol" Results

By admin Published: February 22, 2007

Here's the info on the latest podcast:



As for the show, spoilers after the jump ...

It's that time again: About a minute of news wrapped in an hour's worth of filler. I'm already feeling a little queasy about what could lie ahead. projects that LaKisha Jones, Antonella Barba, Melinda Doolittle, Sundance Head, Sanjaya Malakar and Chris Richardson will not be kicked off. Assuming that's correct, Sundance and Antonella will probably keep spots that should go to more deserving singers.

Anyway, show's on. Celeb coaches announcement: Diana Ross, Jon Bon Jovi, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Tony Bennett, Martina McBride, Lulu, Peter Noone, Barry Gibb.

Recap of the last two nights. Group sing: "Sowing the Seeds of Love." Guys begin it, and it's sad. The women work harder, but it's not something I want to hear again. And so to the break.

We're back. Ryan with the guys. Asks Nick if he's nervous. Says to Chris Sligh, "never nervous," and Sligh admits concern that he had seemed disrespectful of Simon. He's not , he says.

Lining up a row of guys: Brandon Rogers, safe. Sundance Head, safe. Argh. Chris Richardson, safe. Nick Pedro, safe. So far, no one in the row is going home. Blake Lewis, safe.

Paul Kim is out. He was at the bottom of my men's rankings, but so was Sundance. Usual advice and comfort from judges, followed by the Sing-The-Song-That-Ruined-You moment. And he's really bad again on "Careless Whisper."

Back from a break. Now we're going to check on some of the women. Again, a row is summoned.

Jordin Sparks, safe. Stephanie Edwards, safe. Sabrina Sloan, safe. Leslie Hunt, safe. Melinda Doolittle, safe. Antonella Barba, safe. Argh on the last one.

Amy Krebs gets the boot. I had her around the middle of the pack. though well behind the big three. (And I just noticed that I left a couple of names out of my end-of-night women's ranking. Will revise later.) Told to do her farewell song, she asks if she can do something different. No such luck. "I Can't Make You Love Me." Sounds worse than last night.

Announcement of American Idol challenge, trivia contest. Easy question. Will we also get a discussion of the new Idol camp for kids? Not yet. Fantasia appears in an ill-fitting dress. Ryan obligingly plugs her album and eases into her announcement that she's going to be in The Color Purple on Broadway. Ryan turns to Quincy Jones for comment -- then cuts off Q before he can finish. Fantasia sings. Very pop, in a Dreamgirls way. This is how we pad an hour.

Back with the women. Haley Scarnato, safe. LaKisha Jones, safe. Gina Glocksen, safe.

Nicole Tranquillo is going home. Alaina Alexander, my worst of the night, is safe. Nicole's sing-off on "Stay" is so terrible, it reminds me of Alaina on Wednesday. Paula is up and dancing as she sings. Here's my new theory for her slurring voice: She has lost most of her hearing. That would also explain a lot of her judgment of vocals.

The guys. Ryan's worried about time being short. Chris Sligh, safe. Phil Stacey, safe. Jared Cotter, safe. A.J. Tabaldo, safe.

Rudy Cardenas is out. Sanjaya Malakar stays. Rudy was near the top of my list, but it was a list full of ordinariness. Paula speaks up for him. "People didn't get who you were," she says, adding that his falsetto is "amazing." I'm not so impressed but would have kept him around and dumped some others.

More later. And keep an eye out for a link to a podcast with me and Malcolm X Abram.

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