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"Idol" Results

By admin Published: March 21, 2007

It's Wednesday, and we're not in the '60s anymore. The weekly podcast is done, so look for a link at

Here, too, is a link to Olbermann's piece on the crying girl.

And tonight's ouster is after the jump ...

My guess: Stephanie. Let's see. Usual opening junk. Video recap, including a replay of Hysterical Girl and Sanjaya.

Peter Noone performs "There's a Kind of Hush." Blandly entertaining as usual. He's a much more engaging talker than he ever was a singer. If he was a contestant, and I was feeling kind, I'd give him a C. People standing and clapping, but not with discernible enthusiasm. More like amusement. I am frankly more interested in hearing Lulu, although I would prefer an uptempo effort to the scheduled "To Sir With Love."

Back from the break. Tonight's product-placement video is to "Another Saturday Night." Which sounds like one of those recordings of pop songs for little kids. Brad Garrett sits with the contestants -- gets to be the first person to leave tonight. Let's see how America votes for his sitcom.

Results begin. Phil, Melinda, Blake all told to stand, all safe.

Sligh, LaKisha, Jordin all told to stand. All safe.

Sanjaya, Haley, Gina, all told to stand. Women look very panicky. But all are safe.

Chris R. and Stephanie are therefore the bottom two. And so to the break.

And back. Idol challenge question, another easy breezy. Ryan plugs "Idol Gives Back," and tells "corporate America" that "we need you" -- pledges based on number of phone calls. Ryan has seemed to want to be Dick Clark. Now he's coming on like Jerry Lewis.

Lulu. Some delay in getting her out on stage. I still think she's cool, even with the weird decolletage. And she really tries to make it sound as if she hasn't been singing "To Sir" for a thousand years. But I liked her better when she was singing with the "Idol" contestants during the so-called training sessions. More grit, less polish. Only every now and then she gives a shout that tells me, yes, I would listen to a new CD.

And so to another break.

30 million votes. Stephanie gets the boot.

Makes sense in "Idol" terms. She was good but she did not seem to have a clear constituency to support her even when she wasn't spectacular. Gets the journey reel but is spared the sing-off.

And so we move on.

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