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"Idol" Results

By admin Published: April 11, 2007

The weekly podcast with Malcolm X Abram is done, and here's the info:


After the jump, the live posting during the show itself ...

Ryan toys with audience expectations, wondering who will go home -- and looking at Sanjaya. As Hemingway might say, isn't it lovely to think so?

Ryan talks with the judges. Asks Randy to score the night overall. Randy says it was a tall order but the kids did "pretty good." Ryan asks if Paula saw a new side to the contestants. Paula seems confused by the question, laughing with Simon. Ryan raises Simon's comment to Sanjaya; Simon insists it was a compliment.

Group sing. "Vamonos." Chris R first solo, then Melinda. Haley and Sanjaya together; ick. Rest of the group joins in. Next solos: Phil, Jordin. Then Blake and LaKisha in duet. On it goes. This will be a long hour. Break.

Introduction of the latest Idol Challenge winner. Another question. Ryan goofs with the judges. Easy question. Plug for the songwriting competition.

35 million votes cast this week, says Ryan. Then on-the-street segment about America's reaction. Lots of street love for Sanjaya, Jordin, LaKisha, but it seems that the editing is taking pains to mention everyone at least once.

Plug for "American Idol" hit list online. Then Akon, who was on with Gwen Stefani, is back, doing "Don't Matter." Don't care. Break.

Ford video. "Happy Together." Singers morphing into other singers. Quite dull. Plug for "Idol Gives Back." Clip of Simon in Africa. Chat with Simon. Ryan asks if $20 million in donations would get Simon to sing onstage. Nope. Simon wants more.

Simon audition comments intercut with Tony Bennett. Lawsy, they are laboring to fill the hour. Break.

Ryan with the contestants. Recap of Tuesday. Ryan asks Melinda how she felt about criticism from Simon; she said she respects it. Baits Haley about whether she was offended by Simon; she says it hurt. Blake,we learn, writes words from songs on his wrist. Ryan asks if Phil is feeling safe; he says it's good to be there.

Phil starts the safe/unsafe countdown. He's in bottom three, so he gets to wait 25 minutes for his fate.

LaKisha, safe. Jordin, safe. Ryan mentions Sanjaya, but tells him to sit down, Ryan will get to him later.

Melinda, safe. Haley, bottom three.

Ryan teases Sanjaya again. Blake, safe.

Down to Chris R and Sanjaya. Sanjaya is safe, Chris bottom three. Huge boos from the crowd. Break.

Back to the bottom three. Chris R is declared safe. Phil insists they're just blessed to be on the show.

Jennifer Lopez clip reel, including contestant tributes. Then Lopez Live. Odd camera shot early, as if she's still checking something off camera. Dancers make me wonder if Lopez is going to segue into "Rhythm Nation." Nope. I'm checking baseball scores. Another bad camera shot near the end; this one gets the back of her head.

Standing ovation. Chat with Ryan. He gushes about how great she was with the contestants. (Of course, some of this may have to do with their actually listening to her, as opposed to how they treated Tony Bennett.) Ryan asks her about judges' feedback; she "didn't agree with all of it" and says she comes from "the Paula school of criticism. ... not that we don't need our Simon." Ryan plugs the new CD, then tries to speak Spanish going into the break. And does it quite badly.

Break. Fox 8 starts a promo, stops, starts again, stops -- to go to a "Drive" promo.

Back at last. Lights dimmed for results. Phil is safe. Haley's going home.

Aside from the ongoing Sanjaya issue, hard to argue with. She was horrible last night. Video tribute. Enough time for a sing-off to remind us that she was horrible. Not as horrible as last night, maybe. Even has a moment when the credits roll that sounds as if she might be able to sing. But I won't miss her.

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