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"Idol" Results

By admin Published: February 18, 2009

As revealed, after the jump. ...

(Alexis, Danny and Michael are in.)

Joining my recording a little bit after it's started. Ryan warns, "Take nothing for granted." Ruh-roh? 24 million votes, "almost 10 million more than this time last year." Skipping chatter. Group sing. Skipping! I don't even care whose mic they've turned off.

Drat. Recording has caught up to real time. Wonder if there's anything new on my Facebook page. Ryan says it was "a raw show." No duh. Endless recap of last night's horrors, seeming to lean heavily on Randy's vapid comments and Kara's raves.

Jackie is asked how she thought she did. She thinks a 91. Ha. Anoop gets to explain "everyone is pretty relaxed." Double ha. Ryan presses Anoop, then turns to Tatiana, who is "humbled to be here." Triple dog ha ha ha. I am out of mocking laughter.

Ryan summons Casey. Blah blah. She is not in the top 12, says Ryan. Which at least means she didn't get a seat tonight.

Beachwood's Stephen Fowler. More blah blah. Not in the top 12, either.

Alexis. Given the pacing of the show, she must be the first one to go top 12. Yup. And, to drag things out, she sings "I Never Loved a Man" again. Worse than last night. And I can't get over the Bing Crosby hat.

After a break, Ricky and Jackie are brought forward. Jackie remains wildly delusional about her performance Tuesday. Ricky is not top 12. Neither is Jackie. I have to think Ricky gets brought back for the wild card round, although nothing is being said about that.

Anoop and Michael are summoned. Michael goes top 12. Anoop, Ryan says, "heads home." So no shot at the wild card?* I am so confused. And more than a little ticked off, even though this fits with what I said in my grades last night (see previous post). But I have to figure we are now going to kill time until Danny is granted the other spot.

Ryan says only 20,000 votes separated Michael and Anoop in the voting. He says that's out of 24 million, but it wasn't a two-way race -- and Danny undoubtedly took a huge chunk of the vote, so it doesn't really tell us how they did in the great scheme of things.

First time killer: The American Idol Experience at Disney World.
Second time killer: Michael Johns and Carly Smithson duet on "The Letter." I'm getting some audio glitches, but it isn't spoiling my enjoyment -- since I'm not enjoying this. Just a knockoff of the Joe Cocker/Leon Russell version.

Ann Marie is asked to stand. Brent is asked to stand. Stevie is asked to stand. None makes the top 12.

Brings us down to Danny and Tatiana, and she's acting mournful already. Ryan asks Paula which one should be top 12. She meanders and finally says Danny. Tatiana tries to see where Mr. DeMille has set her closeup. And we go to a break.

After the break, Tatiana has found her camera. Blah blah. Danny gets top 12. Tatiana goes dramatic, lots of tears. Danny sings. Michael can be seen singing along. The camera keeps going to Tatiana. Shot of Anoop looking puzzled. Danny finishes, and we go to Tatiana crying again.

Next week ... Oh, I don't care. *Here's what Fox said before about the wild card: "On Thursday, March 5 (8:00-9:00 ET live/PT tape-delayed), the special “Wild Card” episode will feature the judges’ favorite remaining contestants battling it out live for a coveted spot in the next phase of the competition." So I guess it could be weeks before we know who gets a shot.

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