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"Idol" Results: 12 Becomes 11

By admin Published: March 14, 2007

You can find the latest podcast with me and Malcolm X Abram, linked through

And there's a live recap of tonight's show, after the jump ...

"Prepare for the drama," says Ryan. But if is right, I'm more prepared for disappointment.

Ryan touts the challenge, touts Diana Ross, introduces the judges. Recap, almost immediately including the "closet" dialogue. Group sing on "Baby Love." Both Sanjaya and Haley sound especially horrible. Goes medley into "Stop in the Name of Love." Stars of "The War at Home" in the audience. Just because they're big fans, of course.

Oh, golly, it's time for the Idol-Ford video. "Float On" done retro. Help.

And, finally, we begin elminations. LaKisha, safe. Well, yeah. Gina, safe. Brandon points at himself before being asked to rise. He's bottom three.

Jordin, safe. Chris R., safe. Melinda, safe. Phil, bottom three. Scattered boos.

Sligh, safe. Stephanie, safe. Blake, safe. Leaves Sanjaya and Haley as the last to be told ... after another break.

Dialidol, if you haven't checked, had Melinda, LaKisha and Sanjaya definitely safe, but no projection on the ones voted off. All nine others were in the "too close to call" range -- although the lowest were Blake, Sligh and Stephanie, all now safe.

Back from the break with the challenge question. Zzzzzzz. Then Diana Ross, singing "More Today Than Yesterday" -- after enterting on "Ain't No Mountain." Quite a red dress. She sounds almost ... Sanjaya-ish ... on the verse, then somewhat less bad on the chorus. But still bad. Good thing she's not getting judged. Ryan duly kisses butt, and plugs her tour and Web site; she returns the favor, calling "Idol" an "inspiration." And so to the break.

Seems as if they're running long. Ryan starts to sprint verbally.

Sanjaya is bottom three.

Phil is told he's safe. Down to Brandon and Sanjaya.

Nearly 28 million votes, and Brandon is out. Scattered dismay in the audience. Our Long Malakar Nightmare continues. Recap video. Ryan congrats for making top 12. No judges' reaction. And, because they're running long, credits appear before Brandon gets his sing-off. Which is not really a bad thing considering the way sing-offs go.

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