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"Idol" Results 3-01

By admin Published: March 1, 2007

Tonight's post-results podcast info:

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And the results, as they were announced, after the jump...

"The girls ripped it up and the guys threw it down, but four more cuts must be made," says Ryan. Which is better, then, up or down?

On to the introduction of the judges. And a reference to more than 32 million votes. Recap of the guys. Recap of the women.

Group sing: Three Dog Night's "Joy to the World." Commercial.

And we're back, where Ryan says it is time to get down to business. Well, for a bit. Guys first: Phil, safe. Chris Sligh, safe. Sundance, looking terrified, safe. Blake, safe. Jared, safe.

Nick, out. Simon says he lacked charisma. Paula stood and swayed during his get-out-of-here performance of Fever. Commercial.

Now the women. Stephanie, safe. Gina, safe. Sabrina, safe. Melinda, safe.

Alaina, out. A little snarky. Completely botches the beginning of the farewell song, finally gives it up as the backup singers fill the time for a group hug. Then comes back to finish it. She's still bad. Ryan goes to Paula for words of advice; Paula insists Alaina is talented and something else lost in an audio drop. More commercials.

And now we fill time with the "American Idol" challenge contest question: Of Hicks/Underwood/Studdard, who was a big winner at this year's Grammys? Can I get a duh?

Now the long-not-awaited Kellie Pickler performance. Doris Day hair and cleavage worthy of Dolly Parton. Discusses "spider sushi" with Ryan. He asks what she's spent her money on -- obviously hoping she will mention the new chest. She says shoes.

Kellie sings. She sounds better than she did on the show, but she's not in Underwood's league. Or that of several current contestants. We keep getting shots of the judges in discussion. I don't think it's about her singing. Commercial.

Back to dump another guy. Chris R, safe. Brandon, safe. Sanjaya and A.J. have to stand up. Ryan recaps judges' comments.

A.J. is out. Paula and Randy are in shock.

Women: Lakisha, safe. Haley, safe. Antonella, Leslie and Jordin remain and are invited to join Ryan at the center of the stage. Ryan milks the moment. Recaps judges' comments on Antonella. But she's safe. Hack, ew.

Leslie's out. Which means that both singers who did "Feeling Good" this week got knocked off. Ryan asks Simon if the right people were voted off. Simon says no. Paula still morose. Leslie also has to wait through the farewell video for all four. Then gets to sing "Feeling Good" as the credits roll. Not very well, though.

And then we move on to other questions, like: Are "Idol" voters smarter than a 5th grader?

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