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''Idol'' Results: Another Logical Vote

By RD Heldenfels Published: March 2, 2006

It was odd tonight that the judges were making jokes as the eliminations were about to be announced. But it was ridiculous that Ryan Seacrest felt the need to get all strict-schoolmaster about the judges' behavior. He has long conspired in the torture of contestants, including tonight, when he kept asking singers to predict how they had fared with voters.

Padding was incredible -- more than 20 minutes consumed during the hour before we got to the eliminations.

As for who was eliminated,  David Radford and Jose ''Sway'' Penala were at the bottom of my report card for the men, and Brenna Gethers in my bottom group for the women. (And even if her lousy vocals hadn't ousted her, one more speech like tonight's ''let's make some money'' riff and I would have wanted her out even if she sang as well as Mandisa.)

I did not have Heather Cox -- my locally connected performer, now gone -- at the bottom of my list, but I have also pointed out some reasons why she might be in trouble for more than vocal ability. So I didn't see anything really gonzo in the selections; I might have had different people in the third-lowest slow (where voters put Kinnik and Kevin) but we never know what the gap is between votes, so there may have been a big difference between third lowest and second lowest.

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