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''Idol'' Results Plus Podcast

By RD Heldenfels Published: May 3, 2006

Podcast link:

Notes from results show:

No real shock tonight, as the ''Idol'' voters said ''We won't always have Paris.'' I would have made a different choice but she's been skating near elimination for some time, and somebody has to go. Elliott's being in the bottom two does not bode well for him, either, since it suggest some mushiness among the voters who got him this far. Also, See the comments from Taylor fans on my post from last night. People are strongly committed to their faves now, with the title so close, and voting passion is essential.

Interesting that in the opening question, Chris and Taylor were queried first, then in the group song, they got the first solos.

I was fearing that the song was going to be the new ''Idol'' single -- goodness knows it was treacly enough -- but from what I can find on the Internet, it's a tune by Delta Goodrem and became a hit when performed at this year's Commonwealth Games.

Not sure why Katharine looked like such a zombie during Elliott's performance. She must have really thought she was close to going home.

And speaking of going home, Simon on Tuesday wondered why Elliott would sing a tune that referred to going home on a show that's about not having to go home. My friend and colleague Alan Sepinwall suggested earlier today that some ambitious thesis writer might make something about a correlation between ''Idol'' singers and the songs they do when they're ousted. And he may have had a point with Paris -- ''Be Without You'' is sure a farewell-sounding title.

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