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"Idol" Results -- Two Headed Home

By admin Published: May 2, 2007

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After the jump, my live post with show in progress...

(If you want to avoid the whole recap, Phil and Chris are out.)

Interesting conversations at work today, with people who liked Blake a lot more than I did. And the smart money seems to be that Phil and Chris go home tonight, with LaKisha as the upset special. We shall see.

Show's started and Ryan is really pushing the whole "double" thing because two people will be voted off. "Once again we will be stretching the show to a full hour, and I promise, no filler," Ryan says, before laughing. Introduction of judges. Ryan asks Randy why rock and roll worked for the contestants. Randy has no real explanation. Paula talks about taking a risk and Blake's "career-defining moment." Simon and Ryan banter; Simon presses Ryan for an apology over a perceived slam at Simon's girlfriend. Ryan ducks. Simon also singles out Blake.

Recap. In-the-street interviews. Studio chat with Blake about his performance. Then with Jordin about her troubles. And so on. LaKisha says she would kiss Simon again. Ryan mentions Simon's girlfriend and "it's very serious." Simon is laughing hysterically. Draw your own conclusions. Blah blah blah.

Ruben Studdard on tape, pitching "Idol Gives Back." After a break, Ryan has Melinda talk about how important the charity show was. Clips from the charity show -- and the "shocking result" tease. Shortened "Stayin' Alive" clip still includes LeBron. One more shot of Jordin being tortured. Ryan says "unseen footage" is online -- including a John Cleese piece.

Robin Thicke performs. I like him on the radio, but it sure seems strange coming from that Alan-Thicke's-son face. Not a very good performance, either.

Fantasia on tape.

Ford video. "Paint It Black" with a circus/carnival theme. Ryan touts the songwriting contest. Mentions the "Idols Live" tour. Goes to results.

Melinda, Phil, LaKisha have to stand up and go to center of stage. Ryan says the 2-week total is just over 135 million votes.

Melinda is safe.

LaKisha is safe.

Phil is out. Farewell tune over clips is Carrie Underwood's version of "I'll Stand By You." Phil sings himself out with "Blaze of Glory." I know, it's Bon Jovi week, but I'd also like to think he's waving a digit at that "go country" talk from the judges. Shots of a tear-streaked LaKisha.

Another "Idol" trivia question. Even Ryan's mocking how easy this question is.

Ryan summons Jordin, Blake and Chris -- and immediately tells Jordin she is safe, because he's not going to punish her any more after last week. That leaves Blake and Chris -- who have to wait until after the break (and the Bon Jovi performance).

Bon Jovi performs. Very mellow start. Chris is probably thinking, "Hey, I could have done something with that song!" But probably not with JBJ's big note near the end.

Ryan chats with Jon. He says all the contestants "did a fantastic job." Ryan gets him to plug upcoming concerts. Jon says whoever goes home "is going to be a tough choice" -- but declines to guess which.

Taylor Hicks on tape. Break.

Ryan notes that Blake and Chris are friends -- best friends, one says. Result: Chris is out.

Farewell clips. Chris sings off. Check back later for podcast info.

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