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"Idol" Results Wednesday

By admin Published: April 4, 2007

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Live blog from the telecast, after the jump ...

Ryan. Recap. Lots of face time for Sanjaya. Break. Ford hybrid ad is to Marley's "One Love." With a guest appearance by Kermit. Plug for the songwriting contest.

Contestants in groups of three. Jordin, LaKisha, Melinda. Blake, Chris, Sanjaya. Haley, Gina, Phil -- which sure looks like a bottom three to me.

Jordin, LaKisha, Melinda all declared safe -- and the top three. Blake, Chris, Sanjaya also declared safe. Oh, well.


Idol challenge question. Let's see if it's absurdly easy tonight ... Yup. More "Idol Gives Back" hype. Tony Bennett has the flu, but still gets his "Duets" CD plugged -- and Michael Buble as his sub. Looking like one of the DeLuise brothers. Oh hum. But he gets a plug in for his new CD. And makes an Antonella Barba joke. Not a very good one, and Ryan squirms.

We're back. Ryan asks the audience who is safe. Scattered shouts. Phil is safe. Ryan asks if America got it right. Paula as usual punts the question. Simon is not surprised.

Ryan says 33 million votes. Haley's legs keep her around for another week. Gina's out. She starts crying big time. Video of her journey.

Tear-stained Gina thanks the audience and says she'll be seeing people on tour. She more or less manages her sing-off.

Off to podcast. Look for the links later on

And, on another viewing note, was that another super "Friday Night Lights" or what?

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