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"Idol" Results Wednesday

By admin Published: May 9, 2007

Podcast links over at Live posting, after the jump ..

(If you want to skip the whole recap, LaKisha is out.)

Well, Jordin's gotten rid of the prom dresses. Bill Maher in the audience? Simon is in the middle of the judges. I'm so confused ...

Ryan raises the issue of final four results usually being a shocker. Paula calls Bee Gees night "a difficult night."

Recap. Drat, now I have to listen to the judges' comments I fast-forwarded through. Street interviews. Ryan says 45 million votes. Break. Tour hype. "Sanjaya live on tour," says Ryan. "Lock up your daughters."

Pink performs. Hey, shouldn't she be doing a Bee Gees song? And I'm still bumming that Blake didn't do "Jive Talking." Car video, "You Really Got Me," as if Sanjaya had not ruined it already. Idol trivia contest. Has there been a difficult question yet?

Final four do a "tribute to Barry Gibb" group sing. With Melinda's mike not working at first. Jordin and Melinda are performing as if they're still campaigning for votes -- and that's how smart contestants do it; never miss a chance. Still, a pretty boring medley, even if it reaches outside the Bee Gees catalog to other Barry songs.

A during the break thought: Diet Coke with vitamins is sort of like watching "Studio 60." It lets you feel as if you're doing something good, when you aren't really.

Ryan chats with the contestants. LaKisha is preparing herself to go home. Blake declines a chance to smart off to Simon. Melinda admits that she has to bring more.

Trailer for the new "Fantastic 4" movie, wrapped around the final four seeing it. Cast in the audience.

Baby pictures and other personalization of the final four. The cast is lined up, Ryan announces results ... after the break, and blames the network for the latest prolonging of torture. As if he had never been part of it before.

Contestants in a clinch, refusing to unclinch for Ryan to announce results. Ryan presses on, and they face him, but with their arms wrapped around each other. Ryan gets snarky about a Randy criticism of Jordin.

Which should tell you ... Jordin is safe.

Hype for Idol producers' search for the best undiscovered band for "the band show."

Barry Gibb performs. "To Love Somebody." I miss the brothers.

Back for results. Melinda is safe.

Randy is asked to guess who is going home, and won't do it. Simon says he thinks LaKisha is going -- after Randy and Paula beg him not to guess. Paula gives the earth-mother speech.

Blake is safe. LaKisha goes home. And was ready for it.

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