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"Idol" Stalker-Singer Banned from Super Bowl?

By admin Published: January 25, 2008

That's the claim of his publicist. And if that is the case, it shows that being funny doesn't work nearly as well if you're being creepy at the same time. Full release after the jump ...

Here's the beef:

Paul Marturano, the off-the-wall comic/accomplished pianist from Philadelphia who recently appeared on American Idol and caught the nation's attention as Paula Abdul's 'Stalker', has recently released the absolutely hilarious star-studded must see Official Stalker Music Video on the ever popular YouTube. The video can also be seen at

Since Paul Marturano's appearance on American Idol. He has conducted close to 150 radio interviews internationally, he was the lead story on Access Hollywood, and on Wednesday, Jan 16 and Thursday, Jan 17, Paula Abdul's Stalker was the most searched phrase on Google, MSN, and AOL.

Marturano, also known as Pauly Nipple of the musical comedy duo, The Hairy Aureolas ( is in talks with major licensing companies to spread
merchandise across the nation, he is in contact with A&R representatives from major record labels and his face and songs are on iTunes and plastered all over the internet.

Marturano was recently banned from the Super Bowl by the NFL. According to Sean Krause of and WIRN [World Internet Radio Network] radio station, they had planned
to have Paul Marturano be their on-field correspondent at the Super Bowl and were denied press passes because Marturano was included in their pitch to the NFL. Krause also stated that his contact at the NFL considered the musical comedian a liability and did not want any antics during Paula Abdul's Super Bowl performance.

When reached for comment, Marturano stated, "It is absurd that the NFL would deny WIRN's its press passes this year because I was in their original pitch. Why not give them their passes on the condition that I stay home. Take me out of the
equation and don't punish WIRN for having a creative idea that you (NFL) didn't
like. Oh well, maybe Tom Brady can lend me one of his girlfriends?"

Once the passes were denied, WIRN's sponsor backed out. Marturano is currently trying to find WIRN a new sponsor to fly their team, himself and another rejected Idol, Milo Turk ( to perform a concert outside in the parking lot of the stadium while reporting on the game from there.

Marturano continued: "I can understand the NFL's concerns about me doing something wacky at the Super Bowl but I prefer not to get arrested or injured just for the joke. I had no plans of running out on the field during Paula's performance. I was excited about the opportunity to interview the players, Tom Petty, and Paula Abdul and offer her a public apology so that she understands that there is no reason to fear me. I AM JUST A MUSICIAN AND A COMEDIAN FOLKS. Real stalkers don't tell you that they are stalkers?"

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