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"Idol" Tuesday

By admin Published: May 9, 2007

A day late, and almost entirely based on the performances alone, but here we go ...

Zipping through the Barry Gibb highlights, into his talking about "making a lot of records with ladies." ...

Melinda. "Love You Inside and Out." Very cool, good range and phrasing as usual, professional and a bit distant. Oh, wait, there she goes into a high vocal kick. B.

Blake, "You Should Be Dancing." Bad semi-falsetto start. Another hair change. Serious steps. Scatty, beat-box break, which may be the best part of an otherwise competent but forgettable performance. C plus.

LaKisha. "Stayin' Alive." Interesting choice, considering how it's been overworked in the "Idol Gives Back" video lately. Also competent but not thrilling so far. I like it when LaKisha tears it up, but she's not doing that -- well, OK, there's that note, but then it's back to competence. C.

Jordin. "To Love Somebody." Oh, she's good. Still a little rocky on the range, but she's a pop star bar none. B plus.

Melinda 2. "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart." Love the "annnnd" but she's got a passion challenge after what Jordin just did. And she tries to address it when she goes for the big finish. But not quite there. B/B plus.

Blake 2. "This Is Where I Came In." Oh, very bad start. I understand how he could appeal to the Jason Mraz crowd (and I like Jason Mraz) but this is pretty unimpressive. C.

LaKisha 2. (I am so glad I am fast-forwarding through Judge Judy.) "Run to Me." This should be where she takes control of the show again, but she's starting relatively understated. By the time we get to the big part, I've gotten bored, and she's not so transcendent as to get me back. Squeaky on the last note. C.

Jordin 2 to close. "A Woman in Love." Sure seems like she has decided to claim the title a couple of weeks early, only ... not quite there. B.

More during the results show in an hour. I won't feel any great surprise if Blake or LaKisha goes home.

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