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"Idol" Wednesday

By admin Published: March 28, 2007

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Live blogging from the show, after the jump ...

It's a bad night to be named Chris in the House of Heldenfels. I think Chris R could be going home (although I was wrong, see below) and the bride suspects Chris S is in trouble. We'll see soon enough.

Ryan declares that the two big questions are, who is going home and how will Sanjaya wear his hair? Sanjaya has his down, but Ryan enters with a fauxhawk.

Recap, then commercials. Ford video: Western-themed "I Fought the Law."

Results: Blake, safe. LaKisha, safe.

Phil, bottom three.

Melinda, safe. Chris R., safe. Sanjaya, safe.

Haley, bottom three.

Jordin, safe. Down to Sligh and Gina, after the break.

Introduction of Idol Challenge winner and hype for the contest, followed by another ridiculously easy question. Hype for "Idol Gives Back" corporate support.

Gwen Stefani performs with Akon. My lack of enthusiasm is considerable. Sligh sweats off half his body mass during the wait. Ryan chats with Gwen, offering a chance to plug her tour and her appearance on "Idol Gives Back." More break. I am pondering whether Stefani is more Minnie Mouse or Betty Boop.

Back. Sligh goes bottom three.

Ryan briefly fakes out Haley before telling Phil he is safe. Ryan asks Randy who is going home. He says it's a tough call. Paula calls it "never a fun time." Simon says it's "bye bye Curly."

Ryan fakes Haley again before sending Sligh home. Score one for the bride. Ryan calls him "one of the most clever contestants we've ever had." And there's just enough time for some sing-off. Not very good, but that's what a sing-off is supposed to indicate, isn't it? He pauses during the song to tell Phil "you owe me 50 bucks."

Podcast coming later.

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