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"Idol" Wednesday

By admin Published: April 18, 2007

In case you didn't already know, with "Idol Gives Back" next week, the song theme is '' 'life anthem' songs about compassion and hope." Hear Malcolm Abram lament on the podcast.

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link: (By the way, if you have had trouble with the podcast link over at, the one here seems to work.)


Wednesday's notes, after the jump ...

To save you a wait until the end of the post, Sanjaya is out. Done. Goin' home. Finito.

And now the in-progress post.

Open with yet another teasing reference to whether Sanjaya is safe. Argh. Cfredits. Introduction of judges. Big ovation for Simon. Ryan immediately raises the issue of "the look," as he calls it. Simon says he and Chris "got into quite a heated debate," that he was then talking to Paula and that "the look" was to Paula. "I didn't hear what Chris was saying," he insists, adding he would "never ever disrespect" the families of the Virginia Tech victims. Ryan clarifies with Randy that the judges talk among themselves a lot. Picture-in-picture replay shows Simon talking to Paula as Chris talks.

Ryan jams Simon, indicating he should listen more and talk less. Case apparently closed. Then to the video recap of last night, including Simon and Chris arguing about "nasally" as a form of singing. Also Ryan and Simon bickering about Sanjaya.

On-the-street segment about the contestants. Group sing on "I'm All Right." Jordin gets the first solo, followed by Chris, Phil, LaKisha, Melinda, Sanjaya, then the chorus. Chris seems to get a good number of closeups. Break.

Introduction of latest "Idol" challenge winner. From Ohio. Where, Ryan, where? New question. Haven't seen a tough one yet. Contestants talk about what they listen to; Jordin likes Fergie, Chris R is onto Jason Mraz (and, half-joking, Peter Noone), Phil's hearing Willie Nelson.

Ryan talks to Chris some more live -- before Fergie performs. Ryan doesn't even pretend this has something to do with country music. Acoustic, OK, and it was different from the stuff I've heard overplayed on the radio.

Car video is "I Ran" with a spy motif. Plug for "Idol Gives Back." Another break, including a promo for "Idol Gives Back."

Cast onstage with Ryan, splitting them into two groups -- one with highest votes, other with lowest.
One group: Sanjaya ... LaKisha ... Blake ... Other group: Phil .... Jordin ... Chris ...

Melinda is left to listen to Ryan recap the judges' comments on the group. Then Ryan tells Melinda she is safe, then wants her to pick the group she thinks is safe. (We've seen this sadism before.) Melinda sits down in the middle of the stage. Ryan asks her to slide to her left -- Phil, Jordin, Chris, all safe.

LaKisha, Sanjaya and Blake are the bottom three.

Judges: Randy says it's crazy that Blake is bottom three. Paula thinks they should all be proud of themselves. Ryan notes Simon is grinning; Simon says "I'm beginning to sense something here" -- and it's probably that Sanjaya is done.

Of course, if he's not, this could be the big outrage week. And if he is, then Simon may finally have forced voters to get serious with his rant last night.

After a break, we see the finalists going to a screening of "Shrek the Third" as well as a visit with Jeffrey Katzenberg. They look about as impressed as they did with Tony Bennett. When Antonio Banderas shows up, more reaction. And hey, they liked the movie.

Back to the studio, where Banderas, wife Melanie Griffith and Katzenberg just happen to be in the audience. Ryan asks Banderas if he voted; he says he voted seven times -- once for each contestant. Katzenberg gets to say "Martina McBride." She performs, and looks older and more worn than she did in those taped segments Tuesday.

BTW, if my attention seems to wander at times, I'm also keeping track of the Bulls score online. (Cavs have won. Playoff seeding depends on how the Bulls do.) Banter with McBride and daughter; daughter is so nice about the contestants that Ryan calls her "Paula." McBride gets to say "after the break."

Back to the bottom three. Blake is safe.

Sanjaya is out!

Sanjaya is out!

Sanjaya is out!

Happy podcast soon.

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