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"Idol" Wednesday

By admin Published: May 16, 2007

Live stuff after the jump ...

(Jordin and Blake are the final two. Live recap following.)

Couple of notes: Last night I was at screening of "Shrek the Third" so I just sampled "Idol's" Tuesday show. Saw enough to think that Melinda and Jordin should get top two, but I have no wisdom when it comes to what voters will decide. Also, I have been fighting some combination of allergies and a cold today, so forgive any lapses into incoherence.

Now the show. Homer Simpson opening, but not especially funny. Ryan chatter. Glimpse of contestants. Melinda is uber-casual. (Nope. Later look shows she's in a skirt, but casual top that seems to say "Death Cheater." Scriptural?) Intro of the judges. Recap. Lots of love for Melinda in it. Break.

Idol tour hype. Sequence with the top 10, and the crying girl.

Ryan chats up Jordin, with clips of trip home. In the studio, Ryan summarizes her performances from Tuesday; shakes his head over one of Simon's comments. And another. Then says we'll find out "a little bit later in the show." Break.

Idol trivia winners. Jackie Collins is in the front row. Another lame question.

Ryan with Blake. Asks if being with Sir Mix-a-Lot was "a lifelong dream." Blake says he's actually done shows with him. Thence to the homecoming clips. Back to the studio, where Blake stands with his dad. Ryan banishes dad to the seats, and goes into the summary of Blake's Tuesday shows. No results, of course. (But I'm thinking that when they do Melinda's segment, they'll end it by telling her she's safe -- since her bit will be in the second half-hour.)

The made-over Elliott Yamin gets a plug for his CD, then performs. AC ballad thing. Ho hum. Ryan goes to the judges, who all praise EY. Elliott offers wisdom to the contestants, promotes his tour and seems so happy to be back on TV that he cannot shut up.

Car video. "Everybody Wants You." Little kids growing up to be the big three.

Melinda's turn. Clips in Nashville. Hey, there's that guy who used to be on TNN all the time! (Charlie Chase.) Ryan's summary. Announcement? Nope, another tease -- and we'll have to wait until after Maroon 5 performs, too.

Hype for the band show. Maroon 5 performs. Paula dances merrily. I should at this point say that my favorite musical moment of the night was the guest appearance on "Bones" by ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons. Break.

Big three in the middle of the stage. Jordin steps forward first. Ryan says it's almost 60 million votes, and Jordin is in the final two. Ryan calls Melinda forward. Again mentions the almost 60 million votes. Melinda is out. Blake is the other finalist. Crap.

So it's a Jordin/Blake final. Must have been a lot of kids voting.

Journey clips. Kind words from judges. Simon offers his congratulations to Blake and Jordin, commiseration to Melinda. She sings out on "I'm a Woman." Very, very well.

Oh, well. Somewhere Clive Davis is trying to figure out what he will have to do with Blake.

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