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"Idol" Wednesday

By admin Published: February 7, 2008

End of auditions! On to Hollywood! (Three hours of drama next week.) This last show, as is typical of the final audition show, was a grab-bag of good and bad ...

and not hugely interesting either way. A few notes:

Tiffany McCambell, the woman who declared that God gave her a gift, was mocked quite a bit in the presentation leading up to her audition, including with a lot of deliberately overdone music. And Simon set her up with a question about where her voice came from; when she answered "from God," Randy declared, "Yes! Amen, sister!" with her replying "Praise God." Of course, we viewers knew by then that she was a bad singer. By then, we knew that the judges had been warned about (a) her faith and (b) her bad singing, and that the show figured that (b) justified cheap shots about (a). That's a line that I'm not too happy to see the show walk. They could have noted her inadequacies as a singer without all the religious jabs. And if her faith was strong, and she was a good singer, then the mockery would have not occurred. So why is it all right just because she doesn't sing well?

The twins-and-girlfriend bit went on an awfully long time (no matter how cute you think the dog is), and it was clearly another set-up by the producers. Not that I think Ashley Lawing really believed she was a good singer. "Is this opposite day?" with a big grin, not exactly a plausible reaction.

Always interesting to see how poorly people choose songs. One example: Cardin Lee McKinney, who had nowhere near the vocal style for "One Night Only." Then there was Alesha Stelzl, whose choice of a Celine Dion song would have gotten her booted had Paula not insisted she had a Dolly Parton tone -- leading to her Hollywood-worthy rendition of "Islands in the Stream." (And how, for pete's sake, could a voice like hers not have been compared to DP before this?)

I also mention this because it was another demonstration of a lucid Paula. I don't know if it will last once the show moves into live telecasts, where her meltdowns become more possible. And the montage on Tuesday of Paula's avoiding saying "no" to contestants was pretty good. But the Alesha's-Dolly moment was a good one for her.

Our professional of the night: Joanne Borgella, whose web site identifies her as "singer/songwriter/actress/model" and whose previous experience includes winning on "Monique's Fat Chance" pageant. Jay Smoove popped up a lot in a Google search, including with a CD (thought it looks to be self-made), but he was not as impressive as Borgella.

Wouldn't at all mind hearing Chikezie Eze again. Not thrilled by Danny Noriega. Oh, well. 164 Hollywood contenders should provide some interest. Am curious about Hollywood will go, with the use of instruments and what -- in the promo anyway -- looked like a lot more soloing and minimal group performances.

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