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If I Were King

By RD Heldenfels Published: January 24, 2006

I've been thinking tonight about what I might do if assigned to combine the WB and UPN schedules under the new CW banner. The thought has not thrilled. Although there are shows I like on both networks, there aren't enough to fill even the 13 hours of prime time that the CW will have. And there are some nights I pay no attention at all to The WB, like Sundays. (Sorry, ''Charmed'' fans.)

Still, as a responsible network programmer, I would feel the need to keep even some shows I didn't care about, as a foundation for a successful network. Also because my wife likes them. On the other hand, as a responsible programmer, I shouldn't be locked into using only shows now airing on UPN and The WB; real network executives get to cancel things and start over. Why shouldn't I?

So here's the schedule I've been thinking about....

Monday: ''One Tree Hill'' and ''Everwood.'' Two dramas, both with a family bent, on a night where people will be looking for a substitute for ''7th Heaven,'' which is in its final season. And it would get ''Everwood'' back on a night where people were more accustomed to finding it.

Tuesday: ''Gilmore Girls'' and ''Veronica Mars.'' CBS top man Leslie Moonves brought up this schedule during the CW press conference Tuesday and I like it. A lot. It puts two of my faves back to back on the same night.

Wednesday: '"America's Next Top Model'' followed by ''Love Inc.'' and ''Girlfriends.'' ''Top Model'' is a guilty pleasure, and the two comedies feel like a good lead-out, female-oriented, fashionable and somewhat sophisticated.

Thursday: ''Smallville'' and ''Supernatural.'' Lots of thrills, more than a few chills.

Friday: ''Everybody Hates Chris'' starts the night as a way of building a 21st-century ''TGIF.'' I might also move ''One on One'' here, but this is the night where I'd really want some new comedies.

Saturday: CW isn't programming it, and I won't either. Heck, even the big networks don't do much on Saturdays.

Sunday: Reruns in the 7 p.m. hour, maybe ''Chris'' and one of my better new comedies. Then ''Smackdown,'' because I'd probably have to put it somewhere, and I don't see a lot of room for a new competitor -- meaning me -- on Sundays.

I am sure you can all tell me many ways in which my schedule makes no sense. But can't you say the same thing about the stuff done by the people who get paid to program?

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