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If I Were the King of TV Sports (A Modest, Semi-Serious Proposal)

By RD Heldenfels Published: August 4, 2006

As has been mentioned, well, just about everywhere, the Cavaliers are working out a deal with FSN Ohio that would give the cable service almost all of the Cavaliers' games by 2007-08. I can already hear the complaints from people who expect to have some sports on local broadcast -- much the way Indians fans howled when the team moved to FSN (and later to SportsTime Ohio, known to many viewers as ''Where is that thing?'').

But if I were king, I might make a different suggestion -- one that would mute the screaming and give a boost to local broadcasters. Let FSN Ohio have most of the games, but make a deal with a local broadcaster for some kind of package of Saturday-night games.

The network affiliates would probably leap for it, since Saturday's an entertainment dead zone where the networks are concerned. (NBC and CBS stack in reruns, ABC is going with college football that night in the fall, The CW doesn't even program it and Fox has its reality tandem of ''Cops'' and ''America's Most Wanted.'') The schedule includes some decent teams -- even if you just do road games, so as not to diminish the Saturday-going-out crowd at the Quicken Loans And Even Quicker Dumping Michael Reghi Arena.

Seems like a good idea all around.

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