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In Case You Haven't Found It Already

By admin Published: May 3, 2007

... check out David Mills's blog Undercover Black Man.

Among UBM's most recent posts are a suggestion for solving "Saturday Night Live's" Barack Obama problem and an answer to a question my buddy Alan Sepinwall posed the other day: If the "Idol" judges are trying to name an African-American woman who sing rock, is there anyone besides Tina Turner they could name? (UBM's reply: Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy. Don't miss the accompanying clip.)

Here's part of another UBM post:

I buried my mom yesterday.

The only thing I want to say about it here pertains to the mood of anti-immigrationism arisen in America… and people ... who gnash their teeth about non-white immigrants.

My mom spent the last 15 years of her life in a nursing home. Her daily care in recent years was provided by young black women from places like Sierra Leone and Guyana.

I never interrogated any of them regarding their legal status. I don’t regret that. What I regret is, I so rarely thanked them for spoon-feeding my mother.

Now give me one good reason why you wouldn't check out this blog.

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