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Inauguration, 11 a.m.

By admin Published: January 20, 2009

On CNN Steven Spielberg looks at crowd and says, "I couldn't afford to do this shot in a movie."

The focus is on Supreme Court justices, new administration officials, others arriving, with chat about them. I am looking forward to the formal start of the ceremony, and an end to the talk, so we can all soak up the moment.

PBS is now covering. Judy Woodruff with a panel of historians; must be tough to get historians on a day like this, when every network wants at least one expert. Richard Brookhiser compares the crowd to that for Andrew Jackson but with "less partisan rancor."

On CBS, I see the end of Byron Pitts chatting with Cicely Tyson. Sounds as if it was awkward, with Couric saying "how could you not recognize that voice, Byron?" But a moment later, Couric has to correct herself on the pronunciation of Rosalind Carter's first name.

Clintons arrive. Bill looks frosty. But friendly greetings with George H.W. Bush and Barbara. Carters join them; one network announcer calls it a "former presidents traffic jam." Charlie Gibson notes that the program is running behind and that the 20th amendment says power transfers at noon -- and there's a scholarly debate over what happens if the oath hasn't been taken by then. Gibson anticipates e-mails on the subject.

CNN shows a moving van at the White House. ABC's Gibson says the Bushes have moved out everything but one piece of furniture.

Aretha Arrives. Anderson Cooper calls her "the First Lady of soul." Uh-uh. The queen. She even has on a hat so bad it could have come from the Queen of England.

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