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Inauguration, continued

By admin Published: January 20, 2009

C-SPAN discusses the presidential oath of office: only oath that is in the Constitution.

TV One has an Obama documentary noting that he almost gave up politics after losing a 2000 campaign for Congress.

Fox Broadcasting is doing the security story, and noting that it's going to be a challenge when the parade is done and the crowd leaves. But Smith underscores that security shouldn't "overrun the fun."

CBS turns coverage over to Couricl ABC has gone to Gibson, Sawyer, Stephanopoulos. Couric notes the crowd, the cold, that Obama is at church. Bob Schieffer says this is his 12th inaugural and "I've never seen anything like this." He thinks it will be an even bigger crowd than anyone anticipated.

The mall "is filled," says Charlie Gibson at ABC, but points out giant TV screens that will show the crowd what's going on, even from a mile away.

George Stephanopoulos says: "Imagine being Barack Obama at around noon today, looking out over that sea of humanity ..."

The two big issues this morning: crowd size and security. Gibson is now talking security but, again, "it is not dampening any enthusiasm."

Interesting shot on ABC of the redecorating going on at the White House.

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